The return

So many of you have noticed – and commented on – the re-emergence of Puff and the Pillpoppers!!

We like to think of it as more of a rededication. We never really went away, just did some creative soul searching while working on the new album – now being rethought a bit – and while we were doing that, we played a couple of shows as Manito.

When the documentray came out, it really showed to us some of the internal confusion and disarray that was underneath it all. This led to a huge new stimulating creative push, which resulted in some really interesting new songs. After this, we sat back, took a look at what we were doing , and decided we were still Puff, but even better than before.

So if you are interested seeing the results of this rediscovery, as well as hearing some songs from the dawn of Puff dusted off and reborn, come hear us at out next gig at the Petit Campus in June!

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